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> What is "messaging"?
> Why is it important?
> What components make a successful media campaign?

After reading this short-but-sweet report, you'll know the importance of messaging and branding and you'll know all the basic techniques to create a successful media communications campaign. Created by Seeds for Change Consulting, LLC - A fundraising and communications company in Austin, TX.

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Not sure if Texas Media Directory Online is for you? Take a look at these demo videos to see some of our most powerful features in action.

Or, if you're already a customer these videos will show you how to make the most of our powerful software.

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The Texas Media Directory is the #1 provider of print and electronic media contact lists and press release distribution software for the State of Texas. Our products allow you to find and distribute press releases and marketing materials to targeted media outlets across the state - fast. Available in a powerful online directory.

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